How can I place an order?

You can send your requests in three ways; choose the one which is most convenient to you.

Is my online payment secure?

All transactions are being processed by Stripe. Stripe protects your information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. Your credit card details are not shared with flwr and not stored by flwr or Stripe for both single purchases and subscriptions. To find our more about Stripe’s security, click here.

What are the delivery options?

We offer free delivery in the following area:

Delivery map

Alternatively, you can personally pick up your bouquet in our Ponsonby studio.

Can I get a photo of my order before it is shipped to the recepient?

Absolutelly, we can take a picture of the bouquet and message or email it to you before it is delivered to the receipent; this is to ensure that we have captured your personal vision.

How do you package your flowers?

Each bouquet is wrapped in a minimalist crisp paper tied beautifully with ribbons.

Can I order the same day delivery?

We are committed to bringing you the freshest flowers; none of our selections are stored in the fridge. Our floral assortments are delivered to us by individual orders, that is why we need requests to be placed in advance, at least within 24 hours.

Can I get an invoice or GST receipt?

Yep, each order comes with a GST receipt.

Can I order just one type of flowers or just greenery, or can I ask to include or exclude particular flower types in my bouquet?

Certainly! Just let us know any special requirements in the order form or by the phone.

Will my bouquet be completely the same as the one pictured in the gallery?

All our bouquets are handmade and unique. Each is assembled in a purely creative process. While we do our best to follow the general mood and palette, the flower types used will depend on market availability and season.

Do you have a brick-and-mortar shop?

We don’t have a physical shop; that way, we are able to keep our prices lean and offer you the best value for your bouquets.

Are you able to wrap a gift together with my flowers order?

Definitely! We’d love to wrap it professionally and give your gift a uniformed look along with your bouquet.

How do I make my flowers live long?

Here’s an expert tip: just give the stems a short trim before putting the blooms into a vase. Use cold water and change it every day to ensure that your precious flowers last long!

More questions?

Feel free to email us at elena@flwr.co.nz or give us a call on 021 081 75 961. We’d love to be of help to you!